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    Criminal Investigative Analysis:
    Practitioner Perspectives

    By J. Amber Scherer, M.A., and John P. Jarvis, Ph.D.

    Offender profiling has advanced into a more comprehensive analysis, including additional services to assist law enforcement agencies. The growth of more widespread investigative assistance has led to much debate.
    (Part One of Four)
  • Truth About Lying-Slider.jpg

    The Truth About Lying:
    What Investigators
    Need to Know

    By Brian D. Fitch, Ph.D.

    Investigators must learn how to determine when a suspect is lying and avoid misjudging an innocent subject’s behavior.
  • Officer Survival Spotlight-Slider.jpg

    Accidental Deaths Among Law Enforcement Officers

    By Philip D. Wright

    Officers owe it to their families and themselves to make every effort to return home safely after every tour of duty.
    (Officer Survival Spotlight)


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