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    A Victim-Centered Approach
    to Sex Trafficking Cases

    By Larry Alvarez, M.S., and Jocelyn Cañas-Moreira

    By focusing on the needs and concerns of sex trafficking victims, law enforcement officers
    can make them more receptive to agencies' efforts and better prepare them to break
    from the cycle of contr0l.


  • Societal Trends Slider.jpg

    Societal Trends Facing
    Law Enforcement

    By C. Sidney Heal, M.P.A., M.S.

    Law enforcement agencies must prepare to face the challenges
    brought by five trends that will continue to bring
    sweeping changes to society.

  • Perspective Slider.jpg

    Understanding Each Other:
    New Perspectives on Traditional
    Community Policing Ideals

    By Todd B. Pearl, M.A.

    Law enforcement agencies and communities must work together to reduce crime and maintain order.




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