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Photo from the Archives

December 1980

Children Playing in Snow and Talking to Police Officer - Dec 1980.jpg


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THE COVER: At times, winter presents unique hazardous duty for the law enforcement officer. (Photo by Norm Bergsma, Albuquerque Tribune)



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Officer Brian Strockbine (rail).jpg Bulletin Notes Officer Brian Strockbine, Evesham, New Jersey, Police Department
Photo from the Archives - Dec 1980 (rail).jpg Photo from the Archives
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Patch Call




The patch of the Middletown, Connecticut, Police Department was implemented in fall 1975 as a tribute to the nation’s bicentennial. More

The center of the Hennepin County, Minnesota, Sheriff’s Office patch features the state’s seal, which depicts a pioneer plowing and a Native American riding into the sunset. More
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