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Patch Call

Yankton, South Dakota and Merriam, Kansas Police Departments

Patch Call

Yankton Police Patch
Merriam Police Patch

Yankton, South Dakota Police Department’s patch reflects the city’s history as the first capitol of Dakota Territory in 1861. The riverboat, chapel, and hospital also serve as reminders of Yankton’s past, as does Discovery Bridge, representing the trek of Lewis and Clark up the Missouri River.

The patch of the Merriam, Kansas Police Department features a depiction of a train, representing both the beginning and the great success of the city as the town grew upon the arrival of the railroad. To the left of the train is a picture of the Merriam Depot. The tracks still operate today.


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The Public Information Officer and Today’s Digital News Environment
Today’s PIO must embrace modern technology and the expanding abilities and responsibilities it brings.
By Patrick Davis

Cell Phones as Prison Contraband
Cell phone use by inmates can pose significant dangers.
By Tod W. Burke and Stephen S. Owen

Recruiting with Emotion and Market Positioning
By adjusting their recruiting strategies, agencies can stand out in a competitive market.
By Chris Skinner

Sexting: Risky Actions and Overreactions
These disturbing cases require sound judgment by officers and prosecutors.

Technology Update
The FBI and Social Media

Unusual Weapons
Cigar Cutter

Notable Speech
The Significance of Personal Character

Bulletin Honors
Fair Lawn Police Memorial - New Jersey

Bulletin Reports

Leadership Spotlight
Effective Leadership Through Institutional Integrity

FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin Author Guidelines 

Bulletin Notes 

Patch Call 
Yankton, South Dakota and Merriam, Kansas Police Departments

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