Community Outreach Spotlight

Caught Doing Something Right

Submitted by Chief Matt Johnson of the Torrington, Wyoming, Police Department.

An image of a Torrington officer with two young girls holding t-shirts from the Caught Doing Something Right youth program.

Returning lost money, safe driving, showing respect, treating others with kindness, demonstrating leadership, and helping others—these are just a few examples of the actions recognized as part of the Torrington, Wyoming, Police Department (TPD)’s Caught Doing Something Right program.

The program started from a conversation with a local insurance business that suggested a partnership with the TPD to build relationships with youths in the community by rewarding students with a T-shirt and a gift card when officers “caught” them in the act of doing something right. The insurance company supplies the awards, which also support local businesses and schools. This initiative benefits all parties because it allows the TPD to focus on positive law enforcement encounters with kids, the insurance company to get low-cost marketing for the business, and the children to see how good deeds can impact others.

Initially, Caught Doing Something Right was focused on traffic safety, but it quickly expanded to kids doing great things in the community. The focus has stayed consistent, and TPD officers have had fun celebrating success with the children in a variety of circumstances. The TPD has had a lot of community engagement from the program, and people have been nominating kids who deserve to be recognized.  

Many of the recipients of this award and what they did to deserve it are featured on various community social media pages. Traditionally, members of law enforcement are associated with apprehending wrongdoers and criminals. These announcements promote positivity, encourage Torrington residents to do the right thing, and help improve perceptions of the police.

An image of a Torrington officer with a teenager holding a t-shirt from the Caught Doing Something Right youth program.
An image of two Torrington officers with a group of young children.

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