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    Exploiting Verbal Markers of Deception Across Ethnic Lines:
    An Investigative Tool for
    Cross-Cultural Interviewing


    By Tony Sandoval, M.A., David Matsumoto, Ph.D.,
    Hyisung C. Hwang, Ph.D., and Lisa Skinner, J.D.

    Interviewers can exploit verbal markers of deception from both
    native and nonnative English speakers and writers.

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    The Importance of Mental Health
    Training in Law Enforcement

    By Nicholas Wilcox, M.S.

    Implementing mental health response programs across law enforcement can provide officers additional training to successfully interact with individuals suffering mental health crises and de-escalate these situations.
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    Foot Pursuits:
    Keeping Officers Safe

    By Brian McAllister

      Training officers proactively in foot pursuits can save lives.


    (Officer Survival Spotlight)


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