Leadership Spotlight: Importance of Suicide Awareness

Leaders must be aware of this serious issue, recognizing when their people struggle and encouraging them to utilize available resources.

Officer Wellness Spotlight: Benefits of Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness in the workplace can increase productivity and job satisfaction, improve communication skills, and reduce stress.

Addressing Suicide in Law Enforcement

In recognition of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin (LEB) has provided a collection of articles focusing on suicide prevention, awareness, and training for agencies and their personnel. Police suicide is a national concern. Education, training, and resources are critical to ensuring officer safety and wellness.

One important component in addressing this issue is the Law Enforcement Suicide Data Collection Act (LESDCA), signed into law on June 16, 2020. This bill directs the FBI to establish a new data collection to better understand and prevent suicides among current and former officers. Data will also be collected for certain occupations within the greater law enforcement community. The data collection is currently being created and will be released for submission acceptance on January 1, 2022. In partnership with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS), the LEB will continue to update its readership on the advancements of the system. For more information regarding LESDCA, contact CJIS at LESDC@fbi.gov or 304-625-5370. 

The FBI and LEB are dedicated to raising awareness and bringing attention to this crucial issue.