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    Building Regional Police Collaboration:
    A Different Perspective Based on
    Lessons Learned

    By Mike Masterson and Eugene Smith, M.S.

    It is imperative that law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel
    work together to eliminate threats and save lives.

  • Suicide Risk slider.jpg

    Suicide Risk in Older Adults:
    A Growing Challenge for Law Enforcement

    By Tony Salvatore

    With the aging of society, officers and first responders need to know how to
    handle the increasing risks associated with potentially suicidal older adults.

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    Digital Forensic Examination:
    A Case Study

    By John McHenry and Michael Gorn, M.S.

    Images recovered in a digital forensic examination helped prove
    that a suspect was involved in a child pornography case.


    (Forensic Spotlight)


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