Leadership Spotlight

Tuesdays with Terry

“Leaders would find greater joy in their lives if they raised the servant aspect of their leadership and built more serving institutions.”

-Robert Greenleaf

Many of you have read the famous Mitch Albom book, Tuesdays with Morrie, about a student who comes to visit his aging college professor and gains tremendous lessons about life during his weekly visits. I, too, am fortunate to spend time with an amazing man who has been a Catholic priest, police officer, college professor, police chief, and FBI Academy instructor. This fascinating gentleman, who I am honored to call a friend, is Terrence J. Mangan. He is an avid reader and an expert on too many things to mention, but a few that come to mind are military history, the Civil War, Sherlock Holmes, current events, terrorism, and leadership in law enforcement.

We visit at least once a week and always find ourselves in discussions about world events, leadership, and the challenges facing law enforcement today. A visit with Terry consistently reveals another amazing story, such as when he met Martin Luther King, Jr., or his involvement in the Hillside Strangler serial killer case. As Terry and I sip our drinks, he shares profound insights and never ceases to amaze me with his wisdom. I often wonder if I ever can learn all he has to teach and share with me.

I have met numerous people who know Terry, and they always express deference or reverence after asking about his welfare. Terry humbly offers no explanation for this deference and respect, but I can. He always has done the right thing, even in the face of adversity. He truly has led by example and put his people first. His favorite expression is, “Hold an umbrella over people’s heads.” In other words, protect, defend, serve, value, and care about your people. Are they not the ones we ask to hold the highest ethical standards, put their life on the line, and carry out our vision?

These words may seem cliché to many people, but hearing them and actually living them are two different things. Terry Mangan has led in ways the rest of us only can hope to emulate, and he readily shares the wisdom he has gleaned from his vast life experiences. How fortunate for me to have Tuesdays with Terry.

Special Agent Michael McAuliffe, an instructor in the Leadership Development Institute at the FBI Academy, prepared this Leadership Spotlight.