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    Criminal Investigative Analysis:
    Skills, Expertise, and Training

    By J. Amber Scherer, M.A., and John P. Jarvis, Ph.D.

    Part two of this series examines the required training, skills, and expertise considered essential of criminal investigative analysis services.
    (Part Two of Four)
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    Excited Delirium and the Dual Response: Preventing
    In-Custody Deaths

    By Brian Roach, M.D., Kelsey Echols, M.D., and Aaron Burnett, M.D.

    Agencies should increase officer awareness of excited delirium syndrome and its symptoms.
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    To Protect and Serve:
    A Vision for Law Enforcement

    By Gary Hoelzer, M.S.

    Law enforcement agencies should develop vision statements with deep roots in the concept of justice and the plight of victims.


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