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    Creating the Preferred Future Today
    for Law Enforcement Cooperation
    Tomorrow: A Case Study

    By Mike Masterson, Ernst Weyand, and Douglas Hart, MBA

    By working together agencies can create a better world for tomorrow.

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    Nonconfrontational Interrogation:
    Obtaining Confessions from
    Streetwise Gang Members

    By John J. Guzman, M.S.

    A nonconfrontational interview approach allows law enforcement investigators
    to manage gang-related interrogations by controlling the conversation
    and protecting evidence.
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    Next Generation

    By C. Michael Riley

    The Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) has been
    replaced by the Next Generation Identification (NGI) System.


    (Forensic Spotlight)
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    Creating Extraordinary


    By doing the right things, managers can inspire their employees.


    (Leadership Spotlight)


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