Bulletin Honors

Lincoln/Lancaster County Law Enforcement Memorial

An image of the Lincoln and Lancaster, Nebraska, Law Enforcement Memorial during the day.

In October 2021, the Lincoln, Nebraska, Police Department (LPD) and Lancaster County, Nebraska, Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) held a dedication ceremony for a newly created law enforcement memorial at the hall of justice in Lincoln. The monument, funded by local donors, was constructed to remember and honor the seven LPD officers and three LCSO deputies who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their community.

This memorial consists of three 7 ½-foot-tall granite panels, each weighing more than 8,000 pounds. The right panel displays fallen officers of the LPD, and the left shows fallen deputies of the LCSO. At the top of the panels are the name, badge, and shoulder patch of each agency. A thin blue line is etched and painted along the bottom section of all three panels.

Inlaid into the left and right panels are large granite plaques with laser etching. Each fallen hero is displayed on their own plaque, which includes their photo, career details, their family members, and how they made the ultimate sacrifice.

On the center panel, the words “Respect, Honor, and Remember” are etched above the familiar police shield and rose image connected with the National Law Enforcement Memorial. Also included on the panel are the phrases “In valor there is hope,” “Honor their service,” and “Remember their sacrifice.”

In front of the left and right panels are two bronze statues entitled “Call to Duty.” They depict an LPD officer and an LCSO deputy kneeling in front of their respective panels. These detailed statues include exact replicas of current uniforms and equipment issued by each agency.

The area is bordered by extensive landscaping, including four large planters that provide viewers privacy and solitude while they view the memorial. At night, the granite panels and statues are illuminated by in-ground lights and overhead lighting.

The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin seeks submissions from agencies that wish to have their memorials featured in the magazine’s Bulletin Honors department. Needed materials include a short description, a photograph, and an endorsement from the agency’s ranking officer. Submissions can be emailed to leb@fbi.gov.