Bulletin Notes

Law enforcement officers are challenged daily in the performance of their duties; they face each challenge freely and unselfishly while answering the call to duty. In certain instances, their actions warrant special attention from their respective departments. The Bulletin also wants to recognize those situations that transcend the normal rigors of the law enforcement profession.

Trooper Joshua Kim of the Maryland State Police was on patrol traveling northbound on a local interstate crossing a bridge when he observed a male walking on the southbound shoulder approaching the bridge. Turning his vehicle around, Trooper Kim saw the man walking in the right travel lane and starting to climb over the concrete wall separating the roadway from the river 90 feet below. The trooper stopped his vehicle in the right lane and, without hesitation, ran to the subject. As he closed in, the man put his feet over the wall, and his momentum began to swing him over the edge. Trooper Kim grabbed the distraught male and wrestled him back over the wall, saving him from certain death. Further investigation revealed the man was overcome with suicidal thoughts while driving and stopped to jump off the bridge. Several suicide letters were recovered from his wallet and vehicle.

Trooper Joshua Kim of the Maryland State Police was on patrol when he saved a man who was trying to commit suicide by climbing over a concrete wall separating a roadway from a river 90 feet below.

 Trooper Kim

Nominations for the Bulletin Notes should be based on either the rescue of one or more citizens or arrest(s) made at unusual risk to an officer’s safety. Submissions should include a short write-up (maximum of 250 words), a separate photograph of each nominee, and a letter from the department’s ranking officer endorsing the nomination. Submissions can be e-mailed to leb@ic.fbi.gov or mailed to Editor, FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, FBI Academy, Quantico, VA 22135.