Bulletin Notes

Law enforcement officers are challenged daily in the performance of their duties; they face each encounter freely and unselfishly while answering the call to duty. In certain instances, their actions warrant special attention from their respective departments. The Bulletin also wants to recognize those situations that transcend the normal rigors of the law enforcement profession.

Corporal Kyle Botica of the University of Tennessee Police Department (UTPD) in Knoxville was off duty one afternoon when he drove past a burning camper trailer on the interstate.

He stopped to help get people away from the vehicle. When one of them collapsed, Botica, with the help of others, moved the man away from the fire and checked him for a pulse. After finding no pulse, Corporal Botica and an off-duty nurse began performing CPR. Botica handled the chest compressions, while the nurse monitored the man’s pulse and breaths.

Once the Knoxville Fire Department and ambulance personnel arrived on the scene, they took over the man’s medical care, and he was transported to the hospital.

A Knoxville Fire Department assistant chief later wrote to the UTPD that Botica’s actions “likely saved this person’s life,” adding that “Corporal Botica went beyond the call of duty and made a difference in someone’s life.”

Corporal Kyle Botica serves with the University of Tennessee Police Department in Knoxville.

Corporal Kyle Botica

Nominations for the Bulletin Notes should be based on either the rescue of one or more citizens or an arrest(s) made at unusual risk to an officer’s safety. Submissions should include a short write-up, a separate photograph of each nominee, and a letter from the department’s ranking officer endorsing the nomination. Submissions can be emailed to leb@fbi.gov.