Bulletin Reports

Eyewitness Identification (EWID) Procedures

The American Judicature Society, in collaboration with the Police Foundation, the Innocence Project, and the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, implemented a national field study to examine eyewitness identification (EWID) procedures in the field. The primary variable tested in the studies was sequential versus simultaneous presentation of photo lineups under double-blind administration where the lineup administrator is not aware of the identity of the suspect. The study found that sequential lineups, in which witnesses viewed one suspect’s photograph at a time, produced fewer mistaken identities. EWID is among the most prevalent and persuasive evidence used in courtrooms and plays a key role in police investigations. The report is available at http://www.ajs.org/wc/ewid/ewid_report.asp and http://www.policefoundation.org/pdf/ewidreport.pdf.